The Power of Local Herbs


Sat 3 June  2017 11a.m to 5p.m

Price includes organic vegetarian lunch.  Feel free to bring something to share if you wish.


It is an exciting revelation to discover that here in Connemara there is an abundance of helpful healing plants, growing wild and available at our finger tips for free.  It is empowering to be able to recognise these plants and their healing qualities and applications.  This workshop includes a walk across fields and along hedgerows and through my garden to identify herbs which are appropriate for home use.  We shall taste herbs and practice preparing them for specific uses.  Many herbalists suggest that if a plant suddenly appears growing in your locality it has arrived there because someone needs it and the Universe gives us what we need. I have found that to be the case on many occasions.

According to the World Health Organisation, (W.H.O.) 80% of the world’s population use herbs as their primary health care.  About 40% of pharamaceutical drugs are derived from plants.  From such statistics we can deduce that there was a time when our own families were using herbs and that herbs are indeed powerful agents of healing.