Plant Wisdom and The Goddess – Wise Woman Training


Price quoted is for each weekend class.  There will be nine classes throughout the year.  This is not a residential course.

Starting Saturday/Sunday 28th and 29th October 2017 11a.m to 5.30p.m

I provide an organic lunch such as soup or salad,  depending on the season and all participants will bring something to share at our communal meal.  Herbal teas and drinks  will be available too.


This is a very special one year course from Samhain to Samhain which aims to foster a deep relationship between the Plant World, the Goddess and the student.  Journeying around the Wheel of the Year, we will find Plant Allies and meet the Goddess in her various forms.  Teaching will include:-   how to build an altar, how to make sacred, magical tools,  how to make plant remedies and flower essences, how to journey to other realms, as well as recalling our folklore, music and myth, making ritual and ceremony and preparing for a Vision Quest.  The emphasis at all times is on forging a relationship with the Goddess via the Plant World.  Personal Transformation is also to be expected as we recognise that everything is alive and Love is all there is.

My Blog post for 7th September explains in more detail what this course is about.

For more information about the course and if you need any assistance with accommodation, please contact me.


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