Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences are very powerful,  vibrational medicines.  Dr. Bach studied the emotions and personalities of his patients and observed the progress of their healing,  arriving at the conclusion that mental and emotional states that are out of balance can create  illness  and slow down recovery. Dr. Bach’s theory is that each flower embodies or vibrates at a specific energy frequency. When that energy, or equivalent positive emotion is lacking in a person,  illness takes hold.  The correct flower essence can restore the person to a healthy vibration and healing can take place.  In this way, the individual person is treated rather than the symptoms of disease.

“…the same disease may have different effects on different people; it is the effects that need treatment…”

Flower Essences are made from flowers and plants that are soaked in solar infused water.

I also make my own flower essences from local plants growing in my garden using water from various Holy Wells of Ireland then charged by the sun and some charged by the moon.