Terri Conroy B.A (Hons) H.Dip (Ed) M. Phil, Dip AK

terriAs a child growing up in an industrial town in the north east of England, my heart yearned for the countryside, for plants and trees, for a more natural life. I am so grateful that I was able to come home to Connemara in the west of Ireland, where I now live in a little cottage on a small holding. My spiritual life turns to Mother Earth and I am in service to Her by working in a practical way on the land growing fruit and vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees.

I have always been interested in health and during my first pregnancy 30 years ago, reluctant to take over the counter medication for headaches, I was prompted to turn to more natural modalities of healing.

I am now a practicing Kinesiologist with over 10 years experience and I have studied herbal medicine with the foremost of Irish herbalists, Carole Guyett, Gina McGarry, Judith Hoad and Jorg Muller. I grow and forage for medicinal herbs and plants and make my own herbal remedies, body care and natural cleaning agents for the home. With over 20 years experience as a teacher I offer courses in plant healing/herbal remedies and I facilitate Louise Hay workshops.

My path in life is to heal and teach working holistically to bring balance and harmony to mind, body and soul and to tread softly on this Earth.